Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park
Cross Country & Hare Scrambles
Racing Schedule

Schedule is tenative and subject to change and growth
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April 1-2
VXCS Virginia X-Country Racing Series
Gates open at 9am. Signup opens at 10:00am

10:00am          UTV Practice
11:00am          UTV Race
Noon                Youth and Mini Practice
1:00pm            Adult Bike Practice
1:15pm            Youth Race (separate course)
2:00pm            Adult Quad Practice
3:30pm            Mini Race
Gates close at 9pm and re-open Sunday morning at 7am.
Signup opens at 7:30am
10:00am           Adult Bike Race
1:30pm             Adult Quad Race
Signup is cut off 15 minutes before the posted start times! We start on time!
November 11-12
VXCS Virginia X-Country Racing Series
Saturday Schedule  

10:00am          UTV Practice

11:00am          UTV Race

Noon               Youth and Mini Practice

1:00pm           Adult Bike Practice

2:00pm           Adult Quad Practice

1:15pm           Youth Race (bike , then ATV)

3:00pm           Mini Race (65cc-105cc)

Sunday Schedule

10:00am         Adult Bike Race

1:30pm           Adult Quad Race

Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park