Why Nutrition is Important

Nutrition is vital especially when it comes to athletes. Proper nutrition helps to optimize training during the week to help better prepare you for races during the weekends. The Proper diet will help fight fatigue, rebuild muscle tissues to reduce soreness and keep your body running efficiently to maximize competition performance. However the proper diet for one athlete may not be the same for another, that is why individualized meal plans will help make sure you are getting the right nutrients especially for your needs.

Meal Plans

The meal plans will be tailored to your needs through out the week based on your training, food preferences, allergies, weight, height, and nutrition goals. They will work in conjunction with your riding and training programs and change with them weekly or as needed. The meal plans will break down what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. The meal plans will help assure that you are getting all your macronutrients needed for the day and at times that are optimal at helping your body rebuild muscle tissue and restore energy levels to help keep you going during your training. Regular evaluations are included to track and assess your progress.

Nutrition Goals

  • Optimize body mass
  • Restore exercise capacity before the next training session or race
  • Maximize effectiveness of each training session
  • Minimize muscle damage and soreness
  • Help reduce illness and chronic fatigue
  • Maximize competition performance


Meal Plan and Prep

$200 a week (this breaks down to $28.57 per day for the week)

This plan will include an evaluation of the athlete and an individualized meal plan for the week. This meal plan will also include the purchase and preparation of three meals and three snacks per day throughout the week for the athlete. The quality of the food is very important so all foods prepared will be free of preservatives, artificial flavorings and dyes and GMOs.

Meal Plan

$100 for a month plan

This plan will include an evaluation of the athlete and an individualized meal plan for the month.