400 Movie Mover East
Axton, Virginia 24054
Phone: 276-650-1158

Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex

From the gym to the race track and all through the week, Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex (located at Lake Sugar Tree Motorsports Park) offers coaching on the bike, as well as off the bike, creating the best environment to train, coach, and motivate riders.

This is a unique opportunity to develop your motocross skills on the same track where champions like David Bailey, Travis Pastrana, Justin Barcia, Cooper Webb, and others honed their skills.

“Maybe there is something magical in the dirt,” jokes Ryan Smith, third-generation owner, “Because more champions have achieved success that got started here than any other track I know of. For sure, Lake Sugar Tree is a special place, not only because of its historic roots, but because as a privately-owned track that has been in the Bailey family for decades, it has all of the land and infrastructure in place to provide whatever a rider needs.”

Lake Sugar Tree Motorsports Park is a full-fledged National caliber park, supplying riders with a 1.7 mile National Track, Super-Cross Track, Turn Track, and 10+ miles of trails. Motocross and Supercross riders, as well as Cross Country and woods riders, can train in one facility. Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex is centrally located in southern Virginia, making it an easy one-day drive from the Southeast, Northeast, or the Heartland, with Greensboro, North Carolina(GSO Airport) just 45 minutes away, flying in and out is simple as well.

Aside from the tracks, Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex provides an onsite gym. Staffed by personal trainers, riders can have a program custom-tailored to meet their needs. Full commercial bathrooms, laundry facilities, and electrical hook ups are available and included in your monthly fee. Premium services, such as full hook ups with water and sewer, bike storage, and mechanic bays, are also available for those riders that want more. Future plans also include a nutritionist on-site.

In addition, Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex has sponsorship relationships with local merchants, which offer bike parts and service, as well as RV parts and service. Each rider is immediately a part of the local community just by training at Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex. In developing these relationships, Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex strives to make the experience as stress-free for the rider as possible, so that all attention can be focused on riding and training.

For now, we are RV-only, but soon we will have a full bunk-house, giving the riders their own personal bunk space and dedicated bays to work on their bikes.

In addition to core staff, guest instructors and distinguished Lake Sugar Tree alumni will rotate based on the season and the rider’s needs, so tailored instructed is available to each rider. Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex will strictly limit its capacity so that each rider gets the individual attention he or she needs. Structured programs will be offered and riders will be expected to put in hard work. Our programs are not targeted to riders who are not serious about stepping up their training.

As we say at Lake Sugar Tree Training Complex, “Stopwatches don’t lie,” and “Second is the first loser.”

If you want to elevate your program, reach your goals, and be a champion, get your spot today.

For More Details Visit www.lakesugartree.com or call (276) 650-1158. Email Us- LakeSugarTree@gmail.com