Track Rules

1. NO RIDING until you have been signed in.

2. Helmets, Goggles, Long sleeves, Long pants, Gloves, and Proper riding boots must be worn at ALL times.

3. No Play riding allowed in Pit Area. Riders not to exceed 5 mph in Pits at any time.

4. Must keep your “Pits” clean.

5. Respect all facilities amenities.

6. Pit vehicles allowed to and from track only.

7. At NO time is a rider permitted to go backwards on any track.

8. NO Open Fires or Fireworks.

9. Pets must be on a leash at ALL times.

10. Wash Station Available, NO washing bikes in gravel.

11. NO riding without a helmet or proper safety equipment at any.

12. NO Illegal drugs or drinking under the Age of 21.

13. NO one permitted on the track unless permission granted.

14. Do not enter the track except for designated entrances.

15. MUST have armband on at ALL times.

16. Obey directional Arrows in trails.