Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park
Virginia Carolina Supercross Series
Series Classes

Motorcycles only

50cc 4-6 Stock
50cc 7-8 Stock
50cc 4-8 Limited Stock Pee Wee
50cc 4-8 Stock Open
65cc 7-9
65cc 10-11
65cc 7-11
85cc 7-11
85cc 12-15
85cc 9-13
65cc-85cc Beginner
Super Mini 12-16
Schoolboy 12-16
College Boy 16-24
25+ B/C
30+ B/C
40+ B/C
125 to Open D Beginner
250 C (125-250cc)
250 B (125-250cc)
450 C (`250-450cc)
450 B (250-450cc)
OPEN A/Pro(125-Opencc) 100% payback
50 to 110 Pit Bike under 15 (4 stk Only)
80 to 150 Pit Bike (no 150R)(4 stk only)
3+ riders make a class, When there are Less than 3 riders there will be no awards - points only
Additional classes will be added to the program based on rider count and rider requests if there is at least 5 riders that are wanting to race in that class. If the class is run at least 5 nights it will become a series class for both overall points and series awards. We will accommodate to the riders requests as much as possible.
Lake Sugar Tree Motorsport Park