2020 Moonlight Indoor Supplemental Rules

1. We base our class designations on the AMA rule book, though you may see some variations.

2. Honda CRF150R’s will be allowed in the older 85cc class, age 12 thru 15

3. Race Day Awards based on a 1 per 3 rider entries. Except we guarantee top 3 riders awards, when there are 5 or more riders in the class.

4. “All” 50cc Riders will receive awards

5. Proof of age may be required for Youth Classes as of 12/19/20

6. You may Remain “Age” that you are the Day of Round 1 through Round 12.

7. Riders must run a minimum of 9 of the 12 scheduled races to qualify for year-end awards.

8. In the event of a points tie the winner will be decided by the Final Main Event.

9. In the event both riders have the same number of 1st place finishes the tie will then be broken by which rider has the most 2nd place finishes, and progress in the same fashion until the tie is broken.

10. In the event of more than (16) Entries in a class, we will make Duplicate Classes. Both Classes will pay points accordingly.

11. Event will be (2) Moto Format, both motos count.(We will NOT run LCQ's) Everyone Races 2 Motos.

12. At Round 11 & 12, The Top 16 in Points will run in Class together.

13. Riders must be signed up before they ride practice.

14. Rider must appear on the score sheet one lap to be scored for the overall.

15. Problems with the final scores for an event must be brought to the attention of track officials AND CORRECTED ON RACE DAY. Final Scores must be posted for 20 minutes before awards will be given out. Do not call during the week to ask that a score be changed, if it is not corrected on race day the final score will stand.

16. The top 3 beginner riders in overall points will be moved into Novice class the following year.

17. No one is allowed on the track during practice or racing.

18. You may only be one age on race day. (Example: You can't run 85cc 7-11 and run 85cc 12-15.)

19. All races count towards overall for the event.

20. There will be NO REFUND once practice has begun.